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The château’s history

Vineyard owner Mr Pierre André Louis de Vigne Lavit was the first to live in the house, which was built in 1860 by his father. Successive generations of this noble family held prominent positions in the wine-growing community and local councils.

The region’s wine industry had thrived until the vines were ravaged by the phylloxera aphid in the late 19th century. There followed years of crisis and two world wars, before it began to recover gradually.


Fortunately, thanks to the passion and determination of a few wine producers, the Faugères vintage is now enjoying a full renaissance.

This was the context within which Denis Feigel and Eric de Turckheim decided to bring Château Autignac back to life and restore it to its former glory.   They both wanted to contribute actively to the rebirth of the venerable vintage and share this dream, which is now a reality, with their friends and guests.


The château’s
style and architecture

Eric de Turckheim decided to reflect the elegance and purity of wine with a contemporary refurbishment by architects and interior designers Larroche et Joyeux. The revival of the village château’s initial wine-making vocation reflects the strength of his partnership with Martine and Denis Feigel.

The château’s bold, distinctly contemporary interior features a harmonious and sophisticated design which meets the high standards of a comfortable lifestyle.

The architectural inspiration is characterized by a taste for perfection and attention to detail to create a peaceful atmosphere that will delight guests. The lounges and conservatory are bathed in light and furnished with designer pieces. They open out onto magnificent terraces which overlook lush gardens, where guests can enjoy a haven of peace and tranquillity.

The château’s

Martine and Denis Feigel, who now call this region home near Béziers, will be delighted to provide tips and advice to help you explore the splendid countryside around the château.

As well as the vineyards, which dominate the landscape, you will enjoy discovering the hinterland, its remarkable sites and rich Mediterranean flora and fauna.

To ensure that your break is a complete change of scene, make yourself at home at the château and get to know the area. Enjoy trips into the mountains or to the seaside, go on hikes and bike rides, or simply take a drive along the narrow, winding back roads and you will discover spectacular sites and picturesque scenery around every corner.

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26 Avenue de la Liberté , 34480 Autignac